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Luci (Lucille) Colaiacomo (Christensen)
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February 21, 1950 Payroll Officer Married 2 2 Joey (19) Jessica (16)

My husband and I have been married for 47 years.  We had 2 daughters, Lori and Julie (deceased Oct 2007).  Our oldest daughter is raising our grandchildren from Julie, and doing a terrific job.  My mantra is "live each day to it's fullest, because you are not promised tomorrow"  We have a Harley which we converted to a trike;  Still enjoy hunting, sewing.  Got a pontoon boat this past summer...we have Canyon Ferry Lake about  3/4 miles from our door...really enjoying it!  Named it "Her Harley".   Would like to come to a reunion sometime-but like to view the website and enjoyed the pictures!  Went to Maui for my 66th birthday...recommend it for anyone wanting a tropical vacation!

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Ron (Clemore)
October 18, 1949 General Mgr. - Blue Diamond Materials Married 4 2

Looking forward to retirement in the next year!

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Jack Clinton
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October 15, 1949 Retired Married 2
Retired from State of Wyoming (WYDOT)  Have lived in these beautiful wide open spaces for 32 years.  Married  a beautiful Buena High grad, class of 1966, 44 years ago.  A big thank-you to Janice Willoughby for introducing me to the VHS website, and for being my DeAnza Junior High girlfriend for a while, way back when.  It's finally dawning on me that I'm old........but it's been a great ride!

Jack Clinton 
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Dick Clopper (really!) (Clopper)
March 05, 1949 Grandpa (retired) Married 2 Dean 8, Benjamin 6, Norah 5, Aubrey 4, Arlo 3, Theodore 2
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Nancy Clover
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July 17, 1949 educator/artist/translator Divorced
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Tim Coffey
Divorced 4 four
Good gawd! 40? Isn't that for.....gulp.....old folks? Sure miss y'all. Hope to make it this year. Thanks for all the memories if we don't.
Tim and Penny
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Rick & Penny Conant
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September 21, 1949 retired Married 5 8 grandchildren
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Walter Coy
September 24, 1949 Retired Married
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Karen Coyle
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Librarian/metadata Single
Living in Berkeley since 1969, except for four years in Italy in the 70's, where I still keep a kind of second life. Started doing computing in '75, got hired on one of the first computer systems for libraries at University of California. Did that for 23 years, then "retired" to do consulting and standards development. Have traveled, mainly to attend/speak at conferences, to places like: Hobart, Tasmania; Singapore; Tronheim, Norway; Bonn and Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; and lots of places in Italy. I do a fair amount of technical writing, including two books (that have a very limited audience ;-)). Of course I read a lot, garden, make quilts, walk the dog, and am now aallmmoosstt actually retired. 

I don't get to Ventura any more. Hate the drive/ride - wish we had actual train travel like some countries do. (Realize it's less practical with our distances.) Could someone stream the reunion, please?
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Marvin Creech
Motel Manager Single 2 7

Hi to all the VHS  67 gang !  This is a great site.
I found out Terri Bovee also lives here  in
Branson Missouri  and from reading the comments, we were able to get in touch which was great.
The reunion was a fun time seeing everyone again.  It's sad to hear of those no longer with
us.  Hope to see you all at the next one !!
             Marvin Creech.


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