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David Burch
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Wholesale Food Distributor Married 1
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Jim Burress
February 13, 1948 Self Employed Married 1
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Larry Butler
School Principal Widowed 2
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Susan Balding (Butters)
retired registered nurse Married 9 24.5, 1 greatgrandchi
After high school I went to UCLA for 1 year, then transferred to BYU where I graduated in nursing. I have lived in the Salt Lake area ever since. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
David Campbell
Property Inspector Married 2
I moved to Marin in '68, been mostly here and a while in San Francisco ever since.  Married 37 years, 2 beautiful colludge edjacated daughters; long gone from the nest, living not too far away. 
I'm a property inspector these days, certified ASHI member, etc.  
I just completed  2 terms as president of the Mycological Society of San Francisco.  I'm also a partner in a company that produces wild mushroom related events, educational presentations, and far away excursions.  Pretty much all my so-called spare time is spent in the woods, in pursuit of mushrooms.  I love to hunt em and cook em and eat em and teach and talk about em, blah, blah blah...
It's been a mighty long, windy, bumpy road...  occasional dust and mud, but plenty o' great views and absolutely fascinating waystops.  And the people!  Can't complain, life is good.

uh oh, I feel haiku coming on...

Cougars reunite!
My, how they were!
                       Now as is,
Who they'll always be...

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Janet Farr (Campbell)
September 11, 1949 Homemaker/volunteer Married 2 4
It's taken nearly 8 years, and I never thought I'd say it, but I kinda like the weather in Vegas, seasons are intersting and Ventura seems so humid when I visit.   They say this place grows on ya...I guess so.

Our son, daughter-in-law, Matthew 14 n Emily 11 are just around the corner so we all enjoy the pool from April to October.  
We miss our son Brent, daughter-in-law, Joseph (19) and Kiana (16) from Camarillo but get to see them several times a year, both here and there.  
I busy myself with our Hartrods online business, some kid care, several projects that have been waiting for years and creating more, various church activities and this year - it's back to reunion planning.  Just sent out 213 emails for SAVE the DATE  and letters to those with just an address.   It is so exciting to get immediate feedback and updates from so many.  Keep um com'n 
It's not all glitz and glamore in Vegas ya know - I am  working on "Things to do" list , so there is somethng for everyone to enjoy any time of year.  Anyone coming this way or want a reason to come this way -please get in touch.

I will be in Ventura for business and a Reunion meeting, Feb 18-21 and then maybe not until July for the All Alumni Reunion at VHS and Reunion meeting.  Remember... last Sat of every July for All VHS Alumni Reunion - spread the word.
Looking forward to our Biggest and Best Reunion September 8 & 9, 2017
VHS Pals Forever
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Sandy Botello (Carlson)
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Retired Married 2
Hi All, Time has just flown by since the reunion. It was so much fun. I did change my e-mail address since August so If you care to drop a line it is Take care classmates, Sandy Send Sandy a MessageSend Sandy a Message
Debbie Carver
July 30, 1949 RN Married 7 17
I didn't actually graduate from Ventura. I was there until we moved in April of my junior year. I graduated from Southfield in Michigan, but I never felt like I was part of that school. My heart was at Ventura High. I would love to be able to attend the reunion in 2012. I did attend the 5 year reunion as my good friend Jodeen Frank was part of the organization of it. Sincerely, Deb Carver (Riley) Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Michelle Braun (Casaday)
Grandma Elechim13@aol Divorced 2 Kylie(4), Aryanna(21/2), Zach(1). (One on the way)
I retired a long time ago. I enjoy travel,swimming, camping, riding Harley's, reading, spending time with my wonderful family, giong to play's and theater,spending time with my friends, attending concerts and dating. (these are not in order) ha. See you at the reunion!
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January 19, 1949 retired from State of Calif Divorced 8 two girls one boy
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