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Gary Small
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October 18, 1949 retired driller Single 2 1
November 13, 1949 retired bookkeeper & cafe owner Single Again 6

I live in Santa Barbara, in a house my father built with his own 2 hands. What could be better?  I missed the fires of2008. The "Tea fire" was named for the stone arch "tea house" on a big estate in Montecito, that my grandpa built. He, my grandma and their 4 kids lived and worked there. I have 1 natural son and 5 step-sons that I raised(married a widower the second time around). I'm just a simple person who likes to see the cheery side of life. I would really like to hear from my old classmates. Please call or write. If you're up this way, I'd be happy to show you the sights. Call me 805-965-1585 or

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Janice Green (Smith)
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December 04, 1948 Retired Single Again

I retired on December 11, 2010, after 30 years with Ventura County.  

In September 2010, I went on a cruise to Alaska for a pre-celebration of my retirement and a post-celebration of our friend Katie's retirement.  A friend Claire and my sister Lesley, also went with us.  We had a fabulous time.  Alaska is beautiful.

In 2011, I took a road trip with my friend Katie.  We drove to Oregon to see a friend and my sister.  On the way, we stopped at other friends to visit too.  We took Highway 1 home and it was fantastic! 

In November 2012 a friend and I flew to England and stayed with friends in Thornbury.  We had so much fun.  I met them in 2004 thru The Red Hat Society and they invited us to their town.  I drove from London to Thornbury, with a stop in Bath.  That was an experience!  My sister, a friend and I sailed on the Queen Mary 2 from England to NYC.  We now have a good friendship with our England friends.  They came to see us in 2011 and a friend and I visited them in 2012.  They drove us all over showing their beautiful country for 9 days.  Then Katie and I stayed 6 days in London.  So much to see.  I am ready to go again. 

I love travling and still want to visit Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and more.

My sister Lesley and I also plan trips and are called "The Traveling Sisters". 

Stay well and happy!  Looking forward to seeing you all at our 50th VHS Reunion in August 2017.   


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Sherry Williams (Smith)
Office Manager Married 3 7 (4 girls, 3 boys)
Hi everyone!!  I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  Thanks again to Janet and crew for a job well done - as always.  Still in Ventura.  Re-married 9 years ago.  Between his 2 children and my 3, we have 7 beautiful grandchildren.   Love, love, love being a grandma, just don't want to  feel or look like one  yet. Send Sherry a MessageSend Sherry a Message
Susan Herschel (Snarr)
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manufacturing Married 4
Miss everybody wish I could be there. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Dixie Reeder (Spidle)
retired Married 2 3
I hope to make it to the reunion this year.  It's still up in the air.  I have two wonderful daughters and I am a grandmother of two boys and one baby girl.  I was in Ventura for a month in Oct '06 and in Jan '06.  I have lived in Arkansas for 40 years. I miss Ventura.   We have 32 acres and a huge home for sale and plan on moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas soon.  When I moved to Arkansas in 1966, one semester shy of getting to graduate with everyone, I lost contact with everyone.  I really hope to see everyone in August.  Top of my list.  Be well, love the life you have and laugh when you can.
Can someone tell me more about Carla Smith (Houston)?  When she passed or where?
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Albert Spurlock
April 17, 1949 Retired Married 5
 I'll  get this updated before jodeen gets on me again--WERE NOW GOING FOR FIFTY --WHO'D A THUNK IT --I will look forward to seeing all classmates still "MOVING" there --it's the big FIVE-O-- we have all got to try our best to be there --I'M IN --SEE YOU THERE--ALBERT Send Albert a MessageSend Albert a Message
Danny Stark
July 01, 1949 Ex-everything Married 1
Forty-five! Let's go. Do it until the last one standing. Then he or she can stand alone, raise a drink to the sky, and give a hearty toast to all the others who have moved on. Send Danny a MessageSend Danny a Message
Colleen Skirvin (Suddock)
August 31, 1949 Homemaker Married 2 None
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Robin Hackel (Sullivan)
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August 27, 1949 Attorney Married
I live in Santa Paula where I am an attorney and have law firm with my  husband, John.  Law Office of Sullivan & Sullivan.  I am a pilot  and love to jump in my airplane and fly whenever I can.   
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