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Mary Paios (Rosenberg)
December 26, 1948 Retired Civil Rights Officer Married 6
Blended family of six adult kids,fourteen grandkids, and six great-grandkids. I look forward to seeing everybody at each and every reunion. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Penny Rogers (Ruffinelli)
Profile picture
Profile picture
September 19, 1949 Grandma Married 2 5, Ashlynn 19, Maddy 16, Marina 12, Tyler 9, Jacklynn 7
I can hardly believe it has been 50 years since we graduated. I am looking forward to seeing many old firends at our reunion. Send Penny a MessageSend Penny a Message
Gary Sandefur
November 21, 1949 retired OIL Married 2 5
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Richard Schmidt
February 15, 1949 Site Operations Manager Married 4
Terri Bovee (Schuttenberg)
Administrative Assistant Married 1 1
I am doing well in Branson, Mo.  Married (38 yrs) mother and grandmother.  I miss Ventura more and more every year - I don't make it home often enough.  Hope to attend the reunion, but if not I will certainly be thinking of everyone.  Send Terri a MessageSend Terri a Message
Richard Senate
Retired, writer and lecturer Married 3 4
I am the author of 14 published books mostly on local history and ghosts. I am best known for my ghost tours of Ventura offered through the City of Ventura. I have a son, Kyle (33), a daughter Sarah (26) and another daughter Megan (21) I write for Fate Magazine, Haunted Times Magazine, The Ojai Voice, and Ventana Magazine.  I am now working on a book about the famed Lizzie Borden case. Send Richard a MessageSend Richard a Message
Jerel Shaffer
January 21, 1949 International Oil & Gas Married 4 7
Looking forward to the 45th reunion  this year.  I'll try to make it. Send Jerel a MessageSend Jerel a Message
Karen Hill (Sharp)
October 25, 1949 Horse breeder Married 2

Taking care of my 5 horses is pretty much a full time job.  Would love to find a closer place and of my own to care for my horses and others. 

Being one of the later ones to have a bday, I look forward to  seeing you old folks at our 60 celebration on July 25, 2009.


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Joyce Bailey (Shipley)
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Realtor - Windermere Professional Partners Divorced 2
This is a great idea and I can't wait to see everyone one this year. Send Joyce a MessageSend Joyce a Message
Suzi Grizzard (Skutley)
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Newspaper production, UU Church office manager Married 2
Deceased Nov 2013

(Updated 7-4-12)

My oldest daughter, Bethany graduated from CSUN with a marketing major and a minor in art. She recently found her "dream job" working in the art department of ETS Express in Oxnard.
My youngest daughter, Jenn was working for my father, helping him out with meals and such. He just turned 86 and is currently in a care facility here in Santa Paula, so Jenn is out job hunting.
 I'm still working at the local paper and volunteering at the local theater. I just finished directing a one-act on our back stage, a newer role for me there.
I'm also working at the Universalist Unitarian Church here in Santa Paula as office manager, fitting that schedule between my days at the newspaper. I can't get away from computers in my jobs, and I love it!
I continue on the Blanchard Community Library board, serving out my current term. We've been having fun with a couple of Saturday work parties, helping process books, and also had a book mending workshop that was informative and fun.
I also just was elected to the board of my church's Pacific Southwest District (Southern California, Arizona and part of Nevada). With its geography, I'm grateful most of our meetings take place by phone, considering my hectic schedule.
Dennis is still working for Durham Bus Services in Oxnard. He drives a "little bus", carrying kids with disabilities. He's really great with the kids!
In my spare time I sometimes pick up my knitting - still just doing the basics. Then there's the occasional puzzle magazine.
I'm still a fan of Facebook (with all its warts and flaws) and am having fun connecting with people (including classmates) there. And then there's my book habit. Thank goodness for the library, because I couldn't afford it otherwise! ;-)
I'm finally getting more "silver" streaks in my hair, threads among the brown. I told my daughter when it turns white I'll dye a streak turquoise and shock all the youngsters! That may be awhile yet, but it's something to look foward to! I embrace eccentricity, as that looks to be the most fun way to get older! Now what will I do for my next tattoo?
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