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D. Mike Ogden
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April 20, 1949 state contractor - retired Married 2
 Hello everyone, it's been a few moons ago since I was a Cougar, or is it once a Cougar always a Cougar? I look forward to rekindling old memories of our youth, hope to talk with you soon!!! I remember we lived at 1027 Brockton Lane on the Pierpont Beach, I use to run with Tim Thurman and Ted Brown, also Barney Caudill, oh of course their were many others, want you to know your all great and always will be!!!
     your friend, Mike Ogden
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Diane Conner (Oleson)
Supervisor Married 1
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John Ostrander
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Electrician Married 4 3
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Gail Cowan (Otten)
Manicurist Married 2 5
Deseased June 22, 2014

Gails comments from 2012
I have been married  to Carl for 42 years and  we have 2 boys and 5 grandchildren.  Kyle 23, Kelsey 21, Logan 11, Ava 8 and our new little one Nic 8 months.  We are enjoying life with all our kids living in Ventura, they keep us pretty busy and we love it.
Nova Pack
January 21, 1949 Lawyer Single 3
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Kelly / Carolyn Geddes (Palos)
May 16, 1949 Retired Hairdresser Married 1 Sierra
I am still ejoying retirement, and love living up here in Paso Robles. But miss all my friends from school. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Kelly / Carolyn a MessageSend Kelly / Carolyn a Message
Vickie Gilliland (Patton)
Retired Cake Decorator Married 2 4
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Tami Vreeland (Paxton)
Retired Public Health Nurse Married 2 4 3 boys 1 girl
Hope to see you all back here in Ventura.  Have a hugh (10 ft. ) neoprem topped surf board if you want to try it again(no messy sandy wax to tear up your skin).  Glad so many of us will have to chance to share old memories and catch up on life happenings.  We had a great class!!  See you in August. Send Tami a MessageSend Tami a Message
Keith Potter
Retired last year from the winter sports industry Married 3 1
Really 50 years.....doesnt seem that long ago we were hanging out at the Point during the day, partying at the "womens center" at night and doing all we could to have as much fun as possible in between. Made the 25 th and am sure none of us have aged since then! will be at th 50th.  Send Keith a MessageSend Keith a Message
Teresa Cosenza (Poush)
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Profile picture
owner photography business Married 3 3
  Hi from Oregon! I decided to "edit"  my comments and add a few more tidbits!  Dan and I left Ventura in 1972 with 2 little ones in tow and traveled until we ran out of money! (Isn't that what all hippies did?) That luckily happened  to be while we were in the  Pacific Northwest..  We found a job in Salem, Oregon at the newspaper and have been in Oregon now for 35 years (currently in Portland).  All 3 of our grown children live close by so I guess we are all Oregonians now!  If I can ever get a family photo taken I will put it on this website...see you soon!
I will be in Ventura in August for the 40th! Looking forward to seeing all of you.......
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