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John Mitchell
Retired Married 1 David Michael Mitchell Jr.
Having a great retirement, injoy many rounds of golf and travel with my loving wife sharon (Shank). Would very much like attending the 40th reunion but we will be on a cruise ay that time. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Gary Mobley
December 15, 1948 Sales Married 2
Linda Gidmark (Montoya)
May 25, 1949 Therapist Married 3 1
I am so excited that we had our first grandchild, Sage Arlee, on July 4, 2008.

I look forward to keeping in touch on the web site.
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Moses Mora
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May 18, 1949 Single 1
Forced into early retirement (no complaints here.) Proud to be on the board of directors of the Bell Arts Factory (the best thing to come to the west side of town since Johnny's Burritos in 1964.) Equally proud to be involved with the Tortilla Flats mural project installed in it's permanent home on Figueroa Street (behind Tony's Pizza.)

Survived the sixties and Vietnam (I don't really remember the "70s, but here we are in the new century.) I'm making a return trip to Vietnam in Feb. '09. My 30 year old daughter, Raya and I will make the trip.
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Dixie Babcock (Mulford)
Counting my blessings Married 1 One nine year old grandaughter

We are living in Baxter TN, on 17 acres, with a yellow lab, three chickens, and two house cats!  Curt took an early retirement from Edison, and we made the BIG MOVE!!!!!!  We didn't know anyone that lived here, just decided that we wanted a change, and here we are, five years later.  It was the best decision that we ever made, we consider it to be a little piece of heaven.  Lots of love to all of you!

frances merrill (mulkey)
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September 24, 1949 Retired/ Married 2
So excited to be in touch with my class mates!  Look foreward to seeing you all soon!                                 Frances Merrill Mulkey Send frances a MessageSend frances a Message
Fran Bickford (Nadzam)
January 20, 1949 Retired HS Guidance Secretary Married 1 1
Retired from my high school secretary job in 2008.  Still in the Indianapolis area…love it after 13 years here…but Gary keeps looking at these "Best Places to Retire" sites on the computer, soooo….. Send Fran a MessageSend Fran a Message
Cary Nauenburg
Engineer/consultant Single Again 2
Still working mainly because I love my job. Do extensive world wide travel for DOD, and because  of my travels (job) have not been able to attend since the 20th.  Hope to make it this year.  Got started late in life with marrage and kids, ao they are young, girl 12 boy 8.  Both are my life.    Hope the 40th goes great and hope to see everyone. Everyone stay well and party some for me if I can't make it.   Send Cary a MessageSend Cary a Message
Garvin Nix
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Profile picture
Quality Assurance Engineer Married 2 6 Grandchildren

Kudo’s on the web site. I left Ventura in 72 and never looked back. With my career in the oilfield I have lived throughout the southwest and have been in Oklahoma for the last 25 years. Traveled and worked overseas for five years and now we have built a home on a golf course in Phoenix and will retire Jan 09. Can’t wait!!! I had a big time “mulligan” in life in 04 and married the most fabulous woman I have ever met.

All the best to my classmates wherever you are, may you be happy in life.


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Nathelle (Tootie) Kirkman (Norfleet)
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Artist (Retired accountant) Married 2
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