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Dan Mangus
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Profile picture
Retired - Director of Marketing - Hobie Cat Worldwide Married 1

After graduating from Humboldt State, been living in San Diego north county coastal...
Solana Beach / Cardiff by the Sea / Encinitas area since the early 70's. Got lucky and found an angel, we have one son, he was an outstanding high school and collegiate swimmer, graduated from TCU with a great job and is living the dream. I'm enjoying retirement. Having a blast SUP surfing most mornings, riding our old beach crusiers on the sand at low tide, mountain biking, playing some music, taking trips in our moho and traveling the world.
Life is good...enjoy every breath 


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Dave Manning
July 22, 1949 Pastor Married 2
All these years and never been to a reunion.  Hope to make the next one. Send Dave a MessageSend Dave a Message
Bobbie Manzer
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April 11, 1949 Accountant Divorced 2 5 grandchildren
Well I am back in CA now. I am so happy. Boy did I miss this crazy town. Hope to see all of you soon

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Ann Sharon Montague (Martin)
Real Estate Broker Single 3
It's fun to reminisce about you all and the sixties at Ventura HIgh.  We're still 16 at heart!  I've been living in Lake Oswego, Oregon since 1988.  My three wonderful sons are grown and on their own.  I sure do miss them!  But they're doing what we did - well, hopefully not all that we did - finding their own way.  I hope the reunion is/was a great time for all! Send Ann a MessageSend Ann a Message
Mark Matye
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Gas Station Attendant Single
First off, I put zero as my # of children... but am in fact the father of Danny Stark's son. SHHHHHH!!!... don't tell Danny, it's a big secret!

Well, it's been a busy time since I saw you all last.... ex- four term United States Senator from the State of Iowa, inventor of The Hubble Telescope, 2007 Irving R. Thalburg Award winner from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, mentor to Bill Gates, etc, etc... you know, the usual stuff.

Ah, let's see, what else... still work half days (dawn to dusk). Still am a principal of Mac Valley Oil Co. Still demonstrate WW 11 era fighter type aircraft in airshows throughout the Western States in the summer. Still can't believe that Bill Bogner has passed away. Still think we had a class for the ages. Still am so grateful to have been in it with all of you. Still know that we beat Buena 14 to 7. Still feel that all of the people that work hard so that we can get together are the greatest, and thank them all so much. Still hope to be there and say hi to one and all. 
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Susan Killingsworth (Mauck)
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August 04, 1949 Office Manager Married 7 20
I have two daughters, ages 38 & 40. Ten years ago married a man with five sons.  That's where all but five of the Grandkids come from.  I will be a Great Grandmother in July!!!  If having a 40 year class reunion doesn't make me feel old, being a Great Grandma sure does.
  I'm looking forward to this reunion so much.  I missed the 35th and come hell or high water, I'll be at this one with bells on.
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Mary McCammond (McCarthy)
Deputy District Attorney Humboldt County Married 1 None---I have a 17 year old son! I don't know of any! :)
      I do not think that I will be able to get away from my work.  I would love to see all of you!
      My husband, John, whom I have been married to since 1969, graduated from Santa Clara High School (Oxnard) in 1962, and he has his reunion on the same day.   John was born in Ventura at the old Foster Memorial Hospital. John is now a retired school principal who runs the household and tries to keep  tabs on my 17 year old son who will soon be an Eagle scout.
      Because I have felony trial that is slated to begin on July 30th for 3 to 4 weeks and  since we live north of Eureka, we are disappointed that we will not be able to attend either  renion on August 11th.
       I hope that you all dance the night away!   Cheers!
Mary  :)
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Clint McColpin
Retired Widowed 4
Love Ventura hoping to return someday. Send Clint a MessageSend Clint a Message
John McEwan
November 05, 1948 retired Married 2 2 boys 3 girls
Its amazing how the time flys. I can remember 1967 just like it was yesterday.  I have attended most of  the reunions and have enjoyed talking with many friends.  When I was looking over and reading all of the comments It brought back many wonderful memories. I am looking forward to the 50th.

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Larry McKenzie
Independent Auto Appraiser and Restaurant Owner Married 2 7
Moved to Oregon in 1996 and own an auto appraisal business and a restaurant in old town Florence called The Firehouse. Send Larry a MessageSend Larry a Message
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