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Stan Kuntzman
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April 03, 1949 Retired dentist Married 2 5
Retired for 2 years now, planning to move home to Ventura as soon as the real estate market will allow.
#### Deceased 2016 ####
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David Kunz
May 27, 1949 Toolmaker/Retired Married 2
   Was a toolmaker/Programer for 40 years (Vetco 15 years,(Ventura) Keystone  12 months,(LA)Industrial Tools Inc. 24 years.(Ojai). Played softball for 38 years open and senior, Won the world championships 55 age group with Tequila all stars from (OXD). Had open heart surgery Nov.28, 2011 found a brain tumor had brainsurgery 1 month later. right side of my body is numb.   

Robert Larson
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May 03, 1949 Retired Married 3 2
Retired from the U. S. Coast Guard in 2015 after 48 years, 26 years on actived duty and 22 years in civil service.  Since "retiring"  I occassionally moonlight as an Uber driver in Miami.  Life is good!  My wife is from Puerto Rico so we spend our vacation time between there and California where we both have family.  Look forward to our 50th reunion. Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
Stan Leighton
January 10, 1948 retired Divorced 4 David Xavier Jacob Jalen Emma Noah Tessa Scarlett and Savannah

favorite song in my life the beatles heres why mound school k-6th grade 53-59 cabrillo jr high 7th-8th grade 60-62 balboa jr high 9th grade 63 buena high 10th grade 3 months than transfered to ventura high 10th-12 grade 64-67  worked until 68 went into army from 68-70  went to viet nam with the 101st airborne div. 159th assualt support helicopter  been working various jobs since 1970.  3 daughters roxanne  Jennifer  Patricia  son Stanley Jr . and looking back and thought would school ever end it did and thanks to janet and her committe every 5 years for 3 days school does not end  how the time flies. so that is why my favorite song is in my life.see you all at the next reunion

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Laura Stowell (Liddle)
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December 27, 1948 retired Committed Relationship 2 4 wonderful grand-kids
Loving life, traveling, and looking forward to retiring and seeing more of my kids, grandkids, and longtime main squeeze Richard. �Who knew our 60's could be so wonderful!? �� Send Laura a MessageSend Laura a Message
Denae Biscoe (Liebman)
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March 06, 1949 Retired Flight Attendant Married 2
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Mike Lorenzana
January 15, 1949 organic farmer and retail store owner Committed Relationship
Wow, found this site and cannot believe that it has been over 40 years. Left Ca. years ago and headed upnorth and now live in Michigan for the last 8 yrs. Sure was nice to see names that reminded me of faces I use to know. Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
James Ludwig
May 05, 1949 Real Estate Investor Married 2 six
I have been married to Cindy for 45 years (in May).  We have two sons with great families.  I have enjoyed being involved in the revitalization of downtown Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo.  Remain close friends with Jim Prosser and Mike Tracy from our class.  I am still living in Malibu. Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Jenna/Virginia Horton (Lyon)
June 17, 1949 retired Single Again 2
Hi to class mates! Would love to hear from you. I will try to make reunion, it's been years since I attended. Write me, need to be in touch again!!!
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Shelley (Michele) McCormick (Madoski)
September 27, 1949 teacher Married 6 5 1/2 (one on the way)
Hi everybody.  This is a great way to "catch up" with everyone, but I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  As one of those who left the area, Ventura is still a great place to come back to, and there's no better reason than to see old friends.  (hmm "old" seems pretty appropriate here - 40 years?????)  We're living in Stockton, CA and have been up in this area for about 30 years.  Hope to see you all soon. Send Shelley (Michele) a MessageSend Shelley (Michele) a Message
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