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Debbie Glenn (Jensen)
January 19, 1950 retired/ occasional wine tasting room pourer Married 1 Hannah Rose
It's been fun catching up with classmates at the montly dinners.  Janice (Green) Smith and I keep in touch.  We plan to do some travelling together!
  My granddaughter, Hannah, is almost 3!  She is very fun and loves to play with her Nana.

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Tamar (Linda) Fuchs (Jones)
April 24, 1949 work with mentally ill Divorced 4
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david jordan
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November 23, 1949 Clay Artist, Beachcomber Committed Relationship
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Cynthia Andrews (Kaapana)
Corporate Hospital Buyer Married 2 none
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Michael Michael Karnes (Karnes)
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September 15, 1949 Ironworker Retired Married 4 13 grandchildren
I  live in Ventura. Probably die here too. I got maried to my high school sweetheart Judy Rouse (class of 71) finally. I am enjoying retirement (from the Ironworkers Union)  working on my 55 Chevy, traveling all over, and just relaxing. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Patrick Kelly
March 25, 1949 Retired Widowed
Same House, Same Phone number since 1975

My wife, June passed in August of 2014. She had 3 kids when I married her in 1976 . I adopted her youngest daughter because we were so much alike. The 3 Grandkids  are grown and I have 1 Great granddaughter and 2 Great grandsons....

I survived for many years as an British car mechanic. Then I worked in the Oilfied for a while. (Fantastic money but no personal life!) After being the Lead Mechanic for the assembly and commissioning of Chevrons offshore Oil Platform Hidalgo near Point Conception I decided to find a 9 to 5 job. I went to work for the County of Ventura and had been there since 1988. I retired july 2nd 2015.

Between here and there I went back to school and got a degree Business Management then went back again and got a degree in photography and established a photography business. I hope to complete a Mermaid Calendar for next year.  I am a past Director of Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association. WWW.CIPPA.ORG  

I still plan on retiring on the Big Island of Hawaii where I have property with some breathtaking views of the Kona Coast.

I hope to see a lot of my "old" friends at the next reunion and make contact with others over the internet.
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Roger Kimzey
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September 16, 1949 Business Owner Married 2 Evan, Kristen, Kayla and Kai
Cathy and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in July. We are still enjoying semi-retirement here on the Big Island along with our two adult children.
We now have four grandchildren. The three youngest; Kristen, 11, Kayla, 6 and Kai, 4 live here. The eldest, Evan, 19 lives in Las Vegas.
"We lucky live Hawai'i."
Love and Aloha,
Roger and Cathy
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Barbara Buck (Klein)
business owner Married 3 one ten year old grandson
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Martin Krueger
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Profile picture
August 01, 1949 Retired Married 3 7
Retired after 38 years in the Postal Service.  Did a tour of Vietnam after High School.  Currently living in a typical small town in Texas with the courthouse square.  Still active in the local Baptist Church and participating in mission trips around the world.  We try and squeeze in a cruise a year.  My current wife and I have been married since 1993.  Still like cars and have a few muscle cars to remind me of those high school days with american steel.  Visit or pass through Ventura about every four years.  Made it to one reunion in the 80's.  Hope to make it to the 50th.  Tex-Mex does not hold a candle to Johnny's. Send Martin a MessageSend Martin a Message
Stan Kuntzman
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April 03, 1949 Retired dentist Married 2 5
Retired for 2 years now, planning to move home to Ventura as soon as the real estate market will allow.
#### Deceased 2016 ####
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