Ventura High School 1909 Looks Like 1967 and Note The Landscape.
Ventura High School 1909 Looks Like 1967 and Note The Landscape.

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You Know You're From Ventura If...

you know the real name is San Buenaventura

you've eaten at Denny's at 2 am

you know what the Avenue, Pierpont, Saticoy, and Montalvo are


you've never seen a white Christmas

you hardly ever go to the beaches in Ventura

you know the Santa Clara river is there, it's just always dried up

you know the names of explorers but only because every middle school is named after one

you laugh at the OC and are glad you don't live there  cause you know what it's really like

your favorite place to eat is Snapper Jack's

you've seen Kevin Costner at the Buena Ventura game

you avoid the 101 on Sundays because of all the traffic heading into LA

you're  darn proud of the landmarks we have, including the two (five) trees, the cross, and the mission

you complain its sooo hot when it reaches above 75

you complain its sooo cold when it reaches below 50

you understand the meaning of cross town rivalry

you love Jamba Juice and Robeks


you love corn burritos from Foster Freeze

you miss the 101 Drive In Theater, but you don' t mind shopping at Kohl's
when people ask where you're  from you say between LA and Santa Barbara

you only are in the news if there is a fire, earthquake or mudslide

you see a "storm watch" when it barely sprinkles

you've been to the pier and Eric Ericsson's

you get Telephone and Telegraph mixed up, but know they are completely different

you love ice blocking at Arroyo Verde

you avoid Costco on Sunday's

you know the nearest Walmart is in the Nard

you know what the Nard is

you think downtown area has steep hills

you can see the Johnson Dr. movie theater from miles away because of the purple neon lights

you think that there is nothing to do in Ventura

you refer to miniature golf as "Golf 'N' Stuff" no matter where you go

you can't tell when the seasons change

you've had school canceled because of "rain days"

you know the beaches are only good for bonfires because the ocean stays the same temperature of 50 degrees year